ResourcePlus Basic

ResourcePlus Basic

ResourcePlus Basic

ResourcePlus Basic

ResourcePlus Basic Edition is a package suitable for the companies that want to automate, manage and improve their core Human Resource related activities such as Personnel Administration, Leave Management, attendance and Payroll . It has all the required features and functionalities to automate HR operations from hiring to retire for small organizations.

Key Features


  1. All important text values are captured in Arabic and English data
  1. ResourcePlus has both English and Arabic interface with data capture in both language at same time for the users to login and use the application in their own wish
  1. Streamline the company workflow automation process can be reduces HR costs
  1. All important dates are captured in Gregorian and Hijra dates auto conversions
  1. Role & Organization Unit based authentication strengthen the application permission settings & control over the application usage
  1. Workflow processes are configuring depending on company policy and procedure then configured with Roles instead independent of individuals so the system reduces dependency on resources
  1. Enforce measurability & accountability of vehicle, mobile, sim card etc. through the system
  1. Keep track the history of each workflow process related actions taken by actors
  1. Advanced management of multiple System Administrator Functionalities
  1. ResourcePlus has plenty of reports available on each module under English and Arabic languages with functionality of exporting to different document format such as Excel, Word, PDF, etc
  1. Scalable to suit growing HR business needs of small, medium and large organizations
  1. Entire workflow or individual tasks ownership can be shared while vacation as temporary or permanent features
  1. Facility for configuring any country's labor law in the system, Saudi labor law configured by default
  1. Flexible and easy usage of application interface can reduce the employment costs
  1. Attractive and self explanatory Employee Self Service functionality to improve employee relationship with the support functions
  1. Employee visibility for to policies, procedures & reporting structure
  1. ResourcePlus mobile version applications are available for the users to use in the smart devices
  1. Application User management features are providing many options in permission level
  1. Excellent to manage the page level and menu level permission for any role in the system
  1. User profile management for easy of ResourcePlus application administration
  1. View and permission management of dashbaords
  1. Eliminate paper based manual processes with Electronic Workflows
  1. Alerts & Reminders to keep the workforce updated on status
  1. ResourcePlus workflow approval process depending on setting company policy and procedures, user can do the visibility, track history of actions, escalations, unlimited alerts for each actions etc. are advanced features of ResourcePlus product
  1. Advanced options of skipping the the workflow tasks based on organization needs
  1. Customization for Alert notifications in different ways
  1. ResourcePlus is a responsive web based Human Resources application which is compatible in any devices
  1. Quick access of historical workflow process details because of electronic workflows
  1. Customizable banners, news and events for the ResourcePlus login website
  1. Advanced Portal / User security & rights management
  1. Report level permission management feature to control the permitted access of informations

  1. Vacation calculator feature for users
  1. Support for any kinds of leave such as Annual leave, sick leave, hajj leave, Iddah Leave, etc.
  1. Supervisors or any other permitted user can Review & take actions on various workflow requests
  1. Functionalities of executing permitted workflows, View received workflows, Track workflow, and Share workflows
  1. Supervisor/Manager can manage his own team/subordinates (to see employee attendance, leave, payment details etc. based on edition permission)
  1. View pay-slips
  1. General News and Events can be publish and user can view without even login to the portal.
  1. Employee Self Service functionality to improve employee relationship with the support service functions such as HR , Finance, Administration and IT departments
  1. Advance social media style self explanatory Employee Self Service Features
  1. Provide different features to stay informed about your organization such as News & Events, public holidays, to do list etc.
  1. Approve the permitted workflow tasks by the requestor itself by auto refreshing the page
  1. View Employee contacts within the organization
  1. Rich Dashboards for the employee to view self information’s
  1. Features for changing password or any other permitted information can manage by the user
  1. View or edit login employees personal details, dependant details, contact details, document details, apply for leave or any other permitted workflow process

  1. Document Manager (Visa, Passport etc) with expiry date tracking & document upload facility
  1. Various Document Expiry reports
  1. Detailed employee search facility
  1. End of service benefits calculations depending on country labor laws
  1. Manage dictionary of names in English & Arabic to make data entry easier
  1. Position and Organization hierarchy Management
  1. Alerts for expiry of employee documents such as Iqama, Passport, employment contract etc.
  1. Dependents Information Management
  1. Employee Contact Information Management (Permanent, Emergency, Home etc.)
  1. Organization Management by creating hierarchy of tree depending organization structure
  1. Iqama Job title, Iqama Name are capturing separately
  1. Managing and tracking of Employee data with historical background
  1. Intelligently notify the Bank Loan linked employees during Final Settlement of employee separation
  1. Grade wise position and benefits mapping
  1. Employee Information captured in detail
  1. Manage different contributions such as Medical, Ticket, Exit re-entry visa.
  1. Separated employee rejoin process enables the employee with same previous settings initialized eligibilities
  1. Organization wise Nationality Report & Nationalization Report for government labor law compliance
  1. Effective tracking of expiry dates of various employee documents by sending automated alerts
  1. Manage different types of employement contracts such as regular contract employees, HRDF employees, Lumpsum payment employment contract - manage sub contract employees
  1. Manage Advance Requests like Loan, Salary Advance, etc
  1. Support Saudi government Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) payments and deductions
  1. Detailed employee Information include employee personnel details, contractual, contact, dependants, documents and financial details
  1. Alerts for expiry of Company documents such as Company Registration (CR), Zakat certificate etc.
  1. All kinds of selected document renewal Process
  1. Dynamically can create any additions or benefits or any kinds of attribute by using employee profile related attribute groups (benefits/deductions/contributions) and attributes with formula writing capabilities
  1. Manage different compensation plan can implement by categorizing Employee Profile and Grade Profile
  1. Document Expiry Notifications. All kind of documents (Iqama, passport, medical etc.) for employee and dependents can attach and also can set custom alert for expiry notifications
  1. Employee Separation Process with Exit Interview, Demobilization of Accountability, End of Service Benefits calculation and Final settlement
  1. Employment Contract Management
  1. Employment Contract can renewal by Manually or Bulk Automatic Renewal Options

  1. Detailed view of Employee Leave Utilization
  1. Leave Settlement (Encash leave or carryforward leave) for Employees
  1. Management of accrued leaves
  1. Vacation Calculator facility for ESS employee and Managers
  1. Leave Cancellation Process even after complete the leave approval process
  1. Supervisors to view leave balance and authorize leave
  1. Options for Leave payment generation thru payroll or thru leave process
  1. Any time tracking of leave computation details
  1. Management of various leave types
  1. Leave Salary Payment and Payroll Salary Advance Payment Generation
  1. Leave entitlement based contract / employment period / Year / Days
  1. View applicants task details
  1. Automated process of leave balance calculation, carry forward, lapse
  1. Leave process based on leave profile settings
  1. Public holiday or week end off can exclude or include in leave facility
  1. Approve the generated vacation payment for ERP quick Payment
  1. Profile level and Employee level leave settings
  1. Efficiently and accurately manage leave eligibility and leave utilization
  1. Leave Request Summary
  1. In Kingdom, Out Kingdom or Out Kingdom with dependants Leave request and rejoin Process
  1. System Leave Opening Balance

  1. Generate and verify Payroll option
  1. Leave advance amount Payment can pay immediate through ERP or along with payroll salary options
  1. Payroll can generate so many ways such as generate Payroll with Timesheet summary for timesheet required employee. Timesheet summary can be auto generated from attendance or timesheet summary import
  1. Calculation and process of salary as per rules of the Company
  1. Multiple options for configure Payroll calculation based on calendar days or fixed days fixed hour or fixed days shift hour based on company policy option
  1. Option for creating the Manual Feed
  1. Monthly summary wise timesheet / daily timesheet are available, this option support for processing Payroll based on imported or manual entry timesheet summary for the employees those who does not require day wise timesheet
  1. Plenty of reports like Pay-slip, Employee Payroll Datasheet, Months payroll comparison, Partial Absence and Full Absence, Overtime, GOSI Reports, etc
  1. Pay the Feed amount or Suspense Amount thru payroll or Pay through ERP
  1. Generate Bank Statements and Bank Disc
  1. Disburse Payroll Amount thru bank, cash or cheque
  1. Manage Employee Feed Transactions (advance payments, loan deductions, other deduction , penalty deduction etc. )
  1. Auto suspend of payroll amount for the payment hold employees
  1. Fetch the employee master and other master information’s during the beginning of the payroll process and do the complete payroll with this information
  1. Payroll Adjustment entries management before payroll approval
  1. Integration with other modules to generate input to payroll process
  1. Advance options for Auto generate the timesheet based on shift for the selected employees
  1. Company Public Holiday management
  1. Manual or automatic suspend payroll processed amount option
  1. Automatic deduction and benefits calculates while running the payroll from different business process such as Previous Month deductions / benefits, Advance Request, Manual Feed, Additional Feed Request, Government Relations, Leave Process, Final Settlement, Expense Claim, Letters/Certificates Request, etc. these auto filled values are generate within the scope of work of different editions
  1. Manage Overtime factors
  1. Non disbursement and Finalization process options to manage the actual timesheets after cutoff date

  1. User friendly, flexible and full featured employee attendance system which allows controlling employees’ attendance by automating timekeeping and attendance tracking and supports a variety of time-capture mechanisms
  1. Easily manage crucial time changes, such as holidays and off days
  1. Easy to track late comers, early leaves, present/absent employees and tardiness percentage.
  1. Set shift for organization or employee, management of multiple shifts
  1. Tracking your employees' time and productivity while on the clock helps save you valuable resources, including time and money
  1. Ramadan Shift auto change management based on Ramadan period
  1. Enables performing some HR key functions such as tracking absence, vacations and business travels
  1. Update exceptions manually and customized import of manual swipes thru excel format
  1. Monthly Attendance Register gives the visual representation of daily attendance
  1. Automatically calculates employees’ less hours, worked hours and gross hours based on assigned shift hours
  1. Manual generation of exceptional attendance entries based employee shift hours with approval facility
  1. Employee attendance tracking reports
  1. Rule builder driven time calculation for payroll processing
  1. Single punch in attendance system for out door employees
  1. Makes shift allocation systematic and easy. Easily cerate flexible shifts including Normal and Ramadan hours, break hours, grace hours, attendance punch consideration for that day shift timings, etc

  1. Leave Process (Annual leave, hajj leave, maternity leave, sick leave, paternity leave etc.)
  1. General Card Request (ID card, business card etc.)
  1. Additional Allowance / Deduction Entry Request

  1. The dashboards are listed according to employee permissions
  1. Dashboards are available for each module
  1. Mobile attendance punches can be viewed on Google Maps