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Card Request

Leave Process


Advance Request

Business Travel

Workflow Overview

Workflow is concerned with the automation of procedures where documents, information or tasks are passed between participants according to a defined set of rules to achieve, or contribute to, an overall business goal. Workflow is often associated with Business Process Management that deals with the assessment, analysis, modeling, definition and subsequent operational implementation of the core business processes of an organization.

Electronic Workflow features let you to automate repetitive business processes and record management processes which provide a means for greater efficiency and accountability throughout your enterprise. A workflow system may include the business process automation of work activities and the invocation of and interaction with appropriate human and/or system resources, and the activities involved.

Workflow in ResourcePlus

ResourcePlus is enabled with a workflow engine that can define the Flow of activities as per business process definitions. The electronic documents flow through a set of predefined actors for actions to complete the process. Each process can be tracked, Monitored, Controlled, Escalated and delegation against the required actions. Powerful workflow engine that enables creation or user friendly, customizable workflows to automate the various business processes to achieve Process triggering, Integration, Transparency, Monitoring, Control and a complete visibility from low to upper management requirements.

At each stage in the workflow, an individual or a group or system is responsible for a specific task. Once the task is complete, the workflow software ensures that the individuals responsible for the next task are notified and receive the data they need to execute their stage of the process.

ResourcePlus solution is already equipped with business process related to Human Resource, Admin, Finance and IT departments that are already optimized by applying best practices. The business processes from one organization to another may have different execution path as per the policy and procedures of the organization which can be easily adapted within the system.

ResourcePlus improve your business processes by

  1. Ensures quick delivery of process output.

  2. Enforce measurability & accountability through the system.

  3. Processes are independent of individuals and the system reduces dependency on resources.

  4. Intuitive Dashboards & Reports are available to measure the KPI's against workflow based deliverables.

  5. Provides a suite of tools and methods for extracting workflow output efficiently.

  1. System automatically escalates tasks that need higher level actions for fast decision support.

  2. Task sharing enables your share your tasks with colleagues/subordinates which will helps to distribute work among team members.

  3. Automated alerts keep you well informed at each stages of process.

  4. Eliminate paper flow.

  5. Analysis at your finger tip.

  1. Additional Allowance / Deduction Entry Request

  1. General Card Request (ID card, business card etc.)

  1. Leave Process (Annual leave, hajj leave, maternity leave, sick leave, paternity leave etc.)

  1. Contract Renewal Process

  1. Employee Separation Process (Resignation, Termination or Death)

  1. Expense Claim

  1. Government Relations

  1. Group or individual Business Travel workflow for local trips or international trips

  1. Letters and Certificates Request

  1. Salary Advance or house rent allowance or loan advance Request

  1. Accommodation Request

  1. Addition / Deletion / Change of Dependent

  1. Air Ticket Request

  1. Employee Probation Confirmation

  1. General Request

  1. Leave Cancellation

  1. Maintenance Request

  1. Payroll Approval

  1. Performance Generate

  1. Performance Goal Amendments

  1. Performance Goal Setting

  1. Purchase Request

  1. Recruitment Process

  1. SIM Request

  1. Stationary Request

  1. Ticket / ERE Request for Dependants

  1. Timesheet OT Approval

  1. Transportation Request