Higher Management

Manpower planning and Recruitment dashboards.

Higher Management

Trend analysis and forecasting in hiring.

Higher Management

Organizational/positional objectives/targets achievement.

Higher Management

Strategic planning allows organizations to draw clear roadmap to organizational goals, how far it reached how to reach further. Strategic implementation of human resources management means performing activities that support organizational mission accomplishment and measuring how well those activities contribute to achieving strategic goals. HR professionals are the key to map the organizational goals to operational goals and objects, plan activities and measure them. It emphasizes the importance of having a Strategic HRMS solution implemented in the organization that reflects the organizational performance.

ResourcePlus is a strategic HRMS Solution that captures information from various functional units, summarize and analyze in different dimensions to help the management in visualizing the organization and support decision making. ResourcePlus provide a module for management for this purpose called “Management Dashboard” that populates statics/status represented dashboards. The modules comes with all know standard dashboards in HRMS as built-in and having facility to create and publish your own requirement whenever needed. The major dashboards/reports are;

  1. Manpower planning and Recruitment dashboards.

  2. Trend analysis and forecasting in hiring.

  3. Organizational/positional objectives/targets achievement.

  4. Running/Completed business process workflows in functional units.

  5. Revenue and Expense per Employee.

  6. Staff movement/attrition analysis.

  1. Organization wise Salary Range Summary.

  2. Monthly Timesheet hours per Project/Organization.

  3. Department wise Leave Graph.

  4. Open helpdesk tickets by organization.

  5. Cost Analysis by Project/Organization.